9 things :)

Last night I was scrolling through my newsfeed and liked someone’s status. It was one of those status’s that you don’t quite read thoroughly through and realize it’s not just a status you are liking. Yep, it was the new Facebook game. Now I didn’t realize that once you liked something ( this being peoples random facts), you were obligated to do it back with a number of facts about your life. Well, I was given the number 9. At first, I thought the moral of this story was check statuses before you like, and then a great moment happened and I was like Sam Land! This is great for your blog! Soooo here is my attempt at 9 random
And maybe not so known facts about Sam Land


. I participated in nanowrimo (is that how you spell it?)

yeaaaa… I lasted two whole days. One day I will last it through. It felt too much like I was writing everyone else’s words. I want it to be my own. I also am tad bit of a procrastinator.


My dream home is a tiny tree house that is half a kitchen.

It would most likely need a elevator to lift Nana up, but I can so see me being apart of the tiny home movement. I would just need about 10 bookshelves lining my walls and internet.


I am a feminist.

I believe that I can be anything I want to be. Leslie Knope, Wanda Townsend, Laura Byrd, Lori Land, and a whole
Lot of other women taught me that. I believe we have to stop calling each other sluts and whores and every other derogatory name and realize we are united. I like girls. Some of my
Best friends are girls ;). (BTW, I like my bra)


I may or may not have any skills when it comes to the cutie coming in the library.

My one fault. I have no skills. I have no idea how I have made it this far romantically with any guys. Especially guys with beards and southern accents and who read exceptionally good books.


One of my favorite moments in history, over graduating and My first pumpkin spice latte, is my final Oral Interp. performance.

I internally promised myself that these things would be about me now, but I feel like this follows me everywhere. A compilation of literature, music ,and movies were used to portray the hurt of the church. Think Breakfast Club, Easy A, NeedTobreathe, and a letter written from 4 hurt women. Rachel Pyles, Chelsea Byars Jacobs and Francie Burgess know exactly what I am talkin about. Working with people and church and youth I think of this daily. We are called to love. And love I will do.


. I never want to be fake.

I want to smile and mean it. I want to ask you about your day and mean it. I will only fake liking my granny’s chilli because I will never tell her I hate it. Good thing she can’t find my blog ;).


I believe in Bigfoot.

Wholeheartedly, ask me
About it sometime. 😉


My family and I get hooked on shows and then binge.

The Middle
Big Bang Theory
Parks and Rec


These make me feel super narcisstic.

Hopefully these aren’t the run of the mill facts and hopefully they aren’t exactly awful. 🙂 feel free to like my blog, comment, and be my friend! I won’t make you do this unless you wan to!


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