Everything on the Internet is true

              Pretty much everyone in my family is in love with that commercial. That one from State Farm that has the beautiful girl going on a date with a French model she met on the internet. Obviously, he is no French model. My dad gets a kick out of it and giggles every time, whereas my granny and papa walk around and say Bonjour as southern as they can. It’s like their own special joke. Sometimes I catch my dad rewinding the commercial to hear it for the 50th time. But for the past few days, I have really wondered, how much do we actually believe it. How much have we relied on the internet to provide the truth. We don’t even check it anymore, one site says it, it must be true.

   Today I posted an article about the book “How to Train your Child” by Micheal Pearl. In the heat of the moment I was livid. A parent who  does not respect and revere the responsibility and gift of raising a child, should not have them. Point blank ( One of those things that make me irate.) On a another note though, I haven’t read the book. I do not officially know. (Please do not think that I am giving this man an out.  I am simply going to make my own decisions about the book and his website.) I think so many times I play right into the hands of the media and jump at their rally. I think we need to stop. I think we need to figure things out for ourselves, instead of being ignorant and lazy.

   Yea. I said that. Don’t be the beautiful ditsy girl. Don’t buy that stereotype. If you believe it, Prove it. If you don’t, you better be able to back up why. Do not ride on other peoples coat tails. People may or may not agree with you, but if their integrity stands up there will be some ounce of respect.  I will respect someone way more if they can tell me why than if they agree with me. I feel like we do this so much lately, We believe what someone is selling us on and not what we have earned for ourselves. I have been mulling over this subject for the past few days but it hit home after that article.

   Rant over for the day. Be on the look out for the wedding festivities/ best friend times/ crafting mishaps that are sure to happen this week. 😀 and if you just happen to want to laugh




2 thoughts on “Everything on the Internet is true

  1. thestayathomefeminist says:

    Good post! After seeing the article you posted on facebook, it made me want to read the book as well. While the book probably does propose some harsh parenting tactics, I can’t believe these parents followed it whole heartedly. I feel at some point, common sense should kick in.


  2. Laura says:

    I am in total agreement with you it is so easy to agree with someone in the heat of the moment on the internet without researching the topic. I also read the article and was immediately irritated. As a adoptive mom, I was thinking how in the world could someone place a child in the care of these people? It appears the article was blaming the book but the book has no power to do action, obviously the parents was already messed up and used the book as a out to abuse the daughter.


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