Let Me See You Wobble #SkipperWedding

Yesterday my best friend got married. The one who religiously texted me my homework for classes (even the ones she wasn’t in), proofread my papers, gave me countless pep talks when I wanted to give up and become a street performer. No judgement to street performers… I just have no skills for a good one. She is the responsible adhering one while I am, at best, the exact opposite. So, after two intense sleepless days I watched my best friend walk down the isle, become a Skipper, and I attended my first adult wedding.
Now, hear me out. This was not my first rodeo with weddings. Between catering, all my college/high school friends, and family I’ve been down that road but this one was different. I wasn’t surrounded with college BFFS or people I have known all my life and There weren’t single people on the prowl, well… there were but they weren’t prominent. It was laid back, classy, and full of people who are well versed ( or at least educated ) in marriage. The people that were at my table were not only married but their life was more than just an idea or plan.
At first, I was nervous. I am either talking books, or chillin with teenagers so my life is pretty much a big party. But how do you carry a conversation with someone you don’t know or share similarities with? And then I realized. We do. Every single one of us at that table. We share Kristen and Jay. They all shared a same protectiveness over Jay or Kristen that I did. They loved them, deeply. The weddings before that I had been in, were different. I was young. I was too obsessed with how my hair would look, and if I would remember how to do the Cupid shuffle. It’s not that I didn’t love the people who were getting married. I did, and I do. But I had the mentality that it was my day, that it was not something to take lightly.
I love the man Kristen married. I literally couldn’t have picked a more perfect person to pair her with. Sitting at the table with his friends made me realize that even more. There is that God-awful quote that Was shoved down our throat in high school that you are who your friends are. It turned out to be true yesterday.
Once we got over the hill of introductions, it was great. You realize that LOTR is always a universal subject, John Greene isn’t as well known as you thought, and that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you always feel young. We laughed, joked, shared ideas and exchanged Facebooks. I then had a deeper appreciation for Jay. It means a lot when that many people love you. It reflects your character. That in turn made me realize how perfect he is for my best friend.
The wedding was perfect. I may or may not have reverted to my 16 year old self and busted out the wobble. Whatcha gonna do? But in all of it, I realized I was growing up. I enjoyed sitting and talking and listening. I loved hearing their stories about their weddings and how they knew everybody. It made me even more hopeful for the people in my
Wedding and the conversations that would go on.
2 days till 24. I’m ready.


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