Real life, real birthdays, real thanksgiving

I cannot even begin to tell you how incredibly blessed I was on my birthday. Between the calls, texts, FB messages, pop ins, food, and birthday extravaganzas; It was simply amazing. Every time One thing ended something even more special happened. It doesn’t even seem like it it should be over, and yet I didn’t let it pass me by. I promised myself I would be fully present today. Taking every single minute in.
Every year you’re asked.. Do you feel older?!? How do you feel?!? Yadayadayada…. And every year I feel the same as yesterday. There is something melodramatic about birthdays. Your body and mind aren’t in sync with the festivities going on around you. I think that’s why my body continues to believe it’s 18. Ok, maybe 16.
It was a wonderful entrance into the national holiday for freedom, friendship, thankfulness, and pumpkin cheesecake. It was a continuation of what my birthday felt like. Love. Whether it was sitting around the tables looking at Black Friday magazines, sitting around a fire not having the original thanksgiving meal, or sitting up pretty late with my granny and papa as we make the good hot chocolate.
I realized it didn’t matter what your thanksgiving looked like; people have all different kinds. Whether it’s a shrimp boil like ours or a late night hot chocolate tutorial complete with marshmallows and milk. Which made me realize no ones 24 looks the same. I am no better or lesser for my life. I don’t have this all figured out. And I am slowly realizing that is okay.
A good friend asked me what my word was for this year. I mulled it over for the past two days not really finding one that seemed to fit, Till now. I choose Real. I want to be real this year. I want people to see that it doesn’t matter what you are doing- may you be married, have a kid, have 10 kids, unemployed, rankin high on job race, or single. 24 comes in all colors. This is what 24 looks like: real.


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