It’s the New Year, Bring on the resolutions.

So 2013 is gone. Meaning this is the first official year I have been out of college, it is also the first year working at the library, it will also be the first year that I have been back in Mayo. Time sure flies, eh? Last night I spent an amazing time with some great friends, some hot apple cider, and a fantastic dance party. Between reminiscing of yester year and partying to old school rap, questions kept floating around:

what was your favorite moment of 2013?

what is the word that you want to describe 2014?

What do you want to accomplish of 2014?

I feel like I had such a GOOD year last year. I graduated. Holla! I went to New York. I got the most amazing job that (according to my mom, since they kept me long enough) I am good at. I got an actual debit card ( don’t judge me, I wasn’t ready). I bought Christmas presents that were actually really good this year… All in all, we are on the positive side. But the best thing happened has to be this right here.

photo 1

Yes, she is a diva. Yes, she barks incessantly for you to pay attention to her. She also can’t handle  you leaving without her, and she loves to ride in the car. This time last year she came into our lives for my mom and ended up becoming irrevocably mine. There is something so comforting about coming home to something that happy and excited that you are home. There is nothing wrong in that statement, it is what it is. She has absolutely no grace and the poor girl trips over her own feet constantly, but what she lacks of grace, she makes up for in sass. Believe me. I have been in on that receiving line.

photo 2






I want this year to surprise me. I don’t want to get stuck into a pattern in which I can’t get out of. Sometimes, you need Surprises to shake things up. Sometimes, you want to be the surprisor. I hope I get to be that life for people, I hope people bring that life for me. I can’t stay in the same place. I hope I have adventures, I hope I meet new people, I hope I keep in touch with the old ones, I hope. The biggest statement there. I hope for the good things, the great things, and then grace to handle the not so great things.

Peoples responses to their accomplishments of 2014 were all different. I want to fall in love, I want to make it to the gym, I want to cook more, etc. We all make these resolutions that we hope we can turn into habit before January is over. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I want my accomplishments to be this blog. I want to explore, I want to do new things, and do old things, I want to read good books and terrible books, I want to smell the ocean, and watch the storm roll in. Hopefully, this will be my existence of all these things. you will get the good, bad, and the ugly. You will laugh and shake your head at me, and sometimes you might hurt with me. But it is life, all the parts. I setting exact days for blog posts and what they will be about. If I don’t, I will slip into once a week, then every other week, then to nothing. This is my schedule.

Mondays: Recap of my weekend!

Tuesday: Book Fever ( the book I read that week).

Thursdays: my Free day. (My whatever blows my skirt day. I can write about whatever, whenever I want. )

Fridays: Things I love Friday (This will be things  I found throughout the week) 😀

So this is it. Be expecting, Starting Next week. If I don’t, call me out. Be like, Giiirrrrllll Where is your blog post. I may smile sheepishly, or give you some lame excuse, but kick me and make me do it. I want this to be a habit. I want to get back into the habit or writing. I don’t want to be lazy. With that being said… Happy New Year Muchachos! Let’s do life together!


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