It is Juanuary… :D Month of <3

So technically I have a little under 2 hours to complete this post. And technically Mondays are about what happened this weekend and it is my first week doing this buuuuttt, It was the first night of the Bachelor! Can anyone say Juan Pablo! The man knows how to charm some women, let me tell you- he pulls out the music, he gets them dancing, his more than yummy accent, and the way he tried, oh so hard, to remember their names. I laughed, I booed, and I stayed completely glued to my phone. I really don’t care in the long run if Juan Pablo finds love, I honestly am not even about the set up? Cooommmeee on, please tell me how a man is supposed to find awe inspiring love among 27 women? I am about the ever so fun texts between everyone… I am about giggling at the drama, blushing at the shirtless Juan, and ultimately, I am about the friendship.

Chelsea, Catherine, Angelica, Tori, Kristen, and many times my sister (she wasn’t here because of a loss in the family, we aren’t sure if it is her husband or son due to the Auburn FL State game. Too soon to tell) are all my go to girls. OMG DID YOU SEE THAT? or #noroseforyou. These are the many things that blow up my phone. It is my favorite times. It doesn’t matter that most of these girls are pretty much on the opposite sides of the world to me, when the Bachelor comes on… it’s going down. That alone makes me feel a little more connected to the outside world. It doesn’t matter that we are gossiping about something that is certainly pointless, It makes me feel like I am in college again. Hosting the Bachelor party and every single one of us in our Pj’s gushing at the men that come through our living room. It’s definitely a good moment. Long enough to remember the good times in college and not the OMG, EVERYONE OUT! I HAVE A PAPER DUE AT MIDNIGHT! 😀


photo 1photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


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