What is love? Baby don’t hurt me…

   So today I sent my Valentine’s day exchanges off. Let’s be honest, I should have sent them off yesterday. oh wait, a week ago. This is my life. Happens. But as I worked diligently to put my homemade Valentines together, and as I stayed up past my bed time 11:00 gluing, sticking, cutting, glittering, I learned something. I loved doing this. I may not be good at it ( a whole different concept) but I loved it. I don’t know about these three girls. All I know is their names, and somehow, I began to feel a connection. I might never see these girls in my life, or speak to them, or even hear from them again, but I was making them feel like someone cared. They could have an awesome Boyfriend, a super group of friends for Galentines Day (check your local Parks and Rec), and a great family. Or they couldn’t. That is the beauty of it. I don’t know. And to be honest, it isn’t my business nor my job to know.

 I think so many times, I catch myself labelling people and measuring the amount of love I should extend to them. I like to believe that I am a compassionate and loving person but to who? Like, Susie (Please disregard this if your name is Susie, it has no correlation to you) has a lot going on- her dog just died, yadayada and then I completely skip over the person who seems like she has her life together. Now please don’t get me wrong. I love my dog. And I also believe we should be there for people when the going gets tough, BUT… I should never base my attitude and my attention on someones outward appearance. Jane might have it all together  outside but you know what? Who knows what is going on inside.I forget that sometimes. I base my perception on peoples attitudes, their outside qualities, and then I judge who is warrant of my attention. I think If I am going to be honest with myself, it wouldn’t be pretty. Maybe I do it because of the instant gratification. The pat on my back that I helped someone in need. It is a lot easier to take time and help someone when you know they need it.. but what if you don’t know? And the real question is, was that really love? What if you never know that you helped them? What if Jane is your coworker, the preachers wife, or your friend? What if that phone call, or card, or lunch out was exactly what they needed?

The simplicity of the cards, The beauty of a mystery, there is no judgement there. Hopefully, I learned something. It isn’t hard to make a card. It isn’t going to break me to mail a letter to someone I haven’t talked to in forever. Lunch can be picnic at the park. Simply having an ear. Listening. Add that to my list of things I had to learn in 24. Hopefully there is a lot more.



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