Wups…. (Holla for the Single Ladies out there)

  It is that moment. When you are bored ( that is what I chalk it up to) and you get this great idea to FB, text, call, stalk, tweet, instagram, etc. that one person you know you shouldn’t. It plays the age old proverb, Idle hands are the devils handiwork. Or worse, you gain that insane courage, that only people who are about to do something ridiculous, and you throw yourself at that cute guy who you know has been into you (Real talk, he hasn’t. he’s been staring at you because you have the crazy eyes). This, my friends, is the struggle. It is the real life Girl code of, at least, my life.

          Now, I would never say I am desperate-I like to define my self as Classy ( with a C never a K) and full of southern charm and a little bit of grace to keep me from falling off the wagon. Buuutttt, I do have those moments. The worst part about these moments, I usually pick them at the worst times. Like the time, I thought I was cool and hit on the guy at Target when he was clearly buying his girlfriend tampons. I mean, he never specified so maybe his mom, eeehhh. Morale of the story. HE CLEARLY WAS NOT INTO ME. Or when I continue to text the guy even when he has made his feelings known. We aren’t even friends? Maybe there was something there, but it sure isn’t now.  How many times do we do that? Time and time again I catch myself doing it and maybe you do too? Maybe it is his Facebook profile that you stalk and scour for information about his life… or this so pertains to me, you are just going to text him. See what he has been up to. Check in ( keepin it casual). You know he isn’t going to respond. And if he does, it is a one word, bland response.

        The worst part about it is I still keep his number. I still continue to stalk, or check in, or casually do some dumb thing that  I have concocted in my head. I still get super excited when he actually texts back, no matter if I gave in and texted him first. Am I the only crazy one? Am I the only girl Who won’t pull out that unfortunate embarrassing thorn, No matter how it wants to come out? The reason I am writing this incredibly sad and embarrassing blog post, is because it is real. Because we all do it. Because maybe at 24 it is time to yank it out and walk on. Now, the target man, that you just gotta be aware of your surroundings. Obviously, the place to hit on men is not the feminine product isle. But the person you keep holding on to, or you keep on the back burner for those desperate times, Maybe now is the time to throw the peace sign up and run.

So 24, here is the time of learning that it wasn’t meant to be. No matter how witty I am, I should never stoop so low to let myself feel that more than once. Learn from that infected thorn and keep walkin. 😀


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