From Christina Yang to her Meridith gray, Ann perkins to her Leslie Knope.

I am 24. Obviously. I have made my whole blog about the inspirational journey of 24. From graduating college to moving back home and landing a pretty interesting job at the library, it has been a pretty amazing ride so far, with me as the main character. Now, if we turned this into the movie I would have a rockin soundtrack, and some indie star would play me with the shallowness of Mindy Kahling (It’s real ladies, we all do it) and the flawless quirks of Zooey Deshanel, with a bit of great humor of Rebel Wilson. But the more that I think my life could be like Jess or Mindy or even Fat Amy, I think more of my other leading ladies who come in and give life to this adventure. My friends. My mains. The girls who know the Who’s, The Whats, the When’s, and the Where’s.

The best thing is I am part of their adventures. Like when Kristen Harris got married and I got to be the one who stood up there on her wedding day, and the last to see her in her dress. Getting her ready for her honeymoon reminded me of the countless times she stalled the teacher as I ran back to the library to reprint my short story because I forgot that he wanted the name after the page number and not before, or the times that she gently reminded me of all my homework assignments in classes that werent even hers. Or Chelsea Jacobs: accquaintence turned into best friend in a matter of moments, turning into my heroine when my roommates politely kicked me out of my apartment. In a second she became my best friend that seemed to last a lifetime. Now her adventure is just starting, and I can’t imagine not being apart of it.

Rewind 3 years ago, a time where we cut each others hair because we had no money, and ate Taco Bell 3 out of the 7 days of the week, and you have a moment of raw emotion where two college girls tell their dreams. Those words holding the weight of all of our hopes and dreams and fears, and the best part: here we are. Chelsea Jacob’s release date is April 14th for her highly anticipated and upcoming debut of her new novel. I can not begin to describe the excitement and absolute pride it brings me to be able to say that.

Now is the time where we get to ask you for help. It is not all daisy’s and sunshine when a process like this comes along. It takes, ungodly amounts of time, effort, and money. We need 700 dollars by the end of march for the last of the process to be proceeded. Obviously, this is not a support letter, or a hand out, or whatever people send out as S.O.S. For money. Her shop This is that Leslie Knope playing the supporting role to her Ann Perkins as Ann steps out on that magical leap of faith. This is learning that sometimes, it isn’t the person you marry that turns out to be your soul mate, it’s your best friends.



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