The Sometimes Realistic Bucketlist for Summer


Pinterest inspires everyone, whether it be to cook for everyone occasion (PMS related or not), make DIY crap, or even to get on or off the couch. It seems to plant hope in our minds that we can travel to Bali, or make that 15 layer chocolate gluten free chocolate cake, or even to run a 75 mile marathon. I can’t explain what it is, but it is like a drug, and this is the half way product of my addiction/creation. The realistic bucket list is for the Tina Fey’s in the world. The girls who want an amazing adventure filled summer filled the accomplishments of checking things off. This doesn’t include a trip to Bali ( though, it may include Mexico) and a lot are small things, things you can do as a family, as single girl, or even better your friends. 😀

 1. Go to a state I have never been before. I think this calls for that fantastic road trip I have been planning with my best friends since I graduated. 😀

2. Participate in a Color Run. (I heard…even if you walk you still have fun!)

3. Attend a random festival/music festival.

4. Make and keep to my summer reading list

5. go out dancing

6. take a painting class.

7. get tan the hard way!!

8. Watch sunrise and the sunset.

9. Have a picnic.

10. Get something published.

11. Leave a note in a library book.

12. Master a new recipe.

13. Go swimming at midnight.

14. Create a summer playlist.

15. Have a dinner party.

16. Donate blood.

17. Make a friend.

18. Go berry picking.

19. Try a new food.

20. Movie Marathon.

21. Go thrifting.

22. Midnight Premiere.

23. Take a writing Class.

24. Have and be a Guest Blogger.

25. Make the perfect Sangria/ Margarita/ and Ia. 😀

26. Have a fun Photoshoot.

27. Feel Confident in my Bathing Suit

This is for me. This is made for my life and the things  I want to do. Make your own! Tell me all the wonderful and exciting adventures you can’t wait to cross off your list. There is absolutely nothing better than being able to do that. All the wonderful people I have tagged in my Instagram and Pinterest, you are my fellow adventurers and my accountability partners. Write your own so we can include your fun things. Let’s do this!!! Let’s have fun together, and do new things this summer.


12 thoughts on “The Sometimes Realistic Bucketlist for Summer

  1. Properly Ridiculous says:

    I keep meaning to start a bucket list…but then my fear of not accomplishing anything on it consumes me! I like yours & I like the idea of doing a “summer bucket list” rather than a lifetime one, like I keep meaning to start. Maybe I’ll get that done this weekend. Bring on Summer!

    By the way, thank you for following my blog 🙂


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