What Japenese Food, Sunburns, and Two year olds have in common.


The Rules Of Vacation

Rule #1. If you are going to lay out in -2 degree weather (really it was 60) remember that sunscreen is always the key. Do not be dumb. Take it from someone who unfortunately got blistered in the most unforeseen areas ( your boobs will get sun).

Rule #2. When you say you are going to make Sangria, make sure to have a recipe. I am pretty sure I may have gotten some of my not so rowdy family members a wee bit tipsy. (wups)

Rule #3 When eating Japanese Food, realize the rice expands. Two bowls might sound good then, it won’t be later.

Rule #4 You can never hide from a 2 yr old.

This past Monday, my family and I packed up and went to the beach with 3 other families. It’s all fun until you realize that 3 bedrooms isn’t nearly enough for everyone and you get left with the choice of sleeping with a kicker or your brother. But, even at 24, you realize the oppurtunity of a free place on the beach to stay and you take it.


read a few really great books. YA is where it’s at…

It wasn’t too hot..just maybe a little too cold

I changed peoples lives with their first bites of homemade guac (needless to say, the bowl was gone)

I learned some awesome card techniques

We had so much fun. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and it was incredible to take a few days off of work and just relax. Don’t want to put a bra on today? Heeeeyyy bathing suit! Needed to make a run to Publix.. Holla for that sundress and flip flops. It was a great intro to Summer. But on to some exciting news… I got to cross 2 things off my bucket list

1. I got published in our local newspaper. Don’t get to excited, It is just for the library, but it’s a start and I am hoping to find more opportunities.

2. I was a guest blogger. Y’all should definitely follow her! thestayathomefeminist.wordpress.com, this is what I am really excited about! It was so fun!! You should be seeing it around next week. :


*** worthy mention.. I tried my hand at Sangria, I think I need to try a few more times but next week I am making Los Margarita’s!!!!






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