Screw it, wear the skirt.

Sometimes you have to do things that make YOU happy, not everyone else. Sometimes you have to be cooler than Robert Frost and forge your OWN path instead of taking someone elses, no matter how travelled they both are. This means wearing that super awesome new crop top when you want to feel brave, cutting your hair into the Emma Watson shag, or if it’s in my case, buying the FREAKIN skirt. Even if people make the comment that it’s not for you… even if you feel like people are going to hella judge you for all it’s worth, do it.

Do it because you’re only young once..No matter how old you are.

Do it because no matter what… people always talk and whether its a long maxi skirt or that cute bandeu, you will rock it.

Because it is these things that make us confident. Learning that after all these years, I’m not too short or not curvy to pull it off. I can.

So do it. Do something you have never done before, or always wanted to do or try. Even if it is as simple as a maxi skirt during summer…be Brave, my friends.




P.S. Be excited for my weekend. Orlando with the coolest girls around? I think so..




3 thoughts on “Screw it, wear the skirt.

  1. Stephanie Claire says:

    I completely agree! My friend has this quote that she loves, and so do I…

    The more you believe in your decisions, the less others need convincing.

    Bit of a mantra for lif and shopping! Hope Orlando was amazing, I’m super jealous! Stephie from Tea in your twenties xx


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