14 reasons to have a dog

                 Today I woke up grumpy and cold. Obviously, Florida hasn’t got its act together and has the mood swings of a middle school girl. As I lay there, not wanting to move, I heard the door open and footsteps prancing down the hall way. I say prancing because Nana knows that when no one is in the house, she has free reign. Unfortunately for both of us, she can’t throw her body weight at my door to get it to open, so I am forced to open my door or face the wrath of a 100 pound hellion.  In she comes, with a little grizzly bear behind her and up she goes into my bed. There goes my sheets, along with any other spare time I thought I might have seeing as I am definitely going to need a shower. But as I pick up the fat wrinkly pup and crawl back into bed, I realize 2 things… 1. I am so not cold anymore, and 2. I can’t think of anything else to make me happy. Two wiggle worms, one on my chest the other in the crook of my arm. With that, here is my 13 other reasons to have a dog

2. They make sure that you don’t over eat.

                         One of them will have that sandwich so you might as well give it up freely.

3. They are the best to watch shows with.

                     Nana doesn’t complain every time I make a snarky comment about the main characters or rewind 100 times because I wanted to catch the full effect of someones face. She’s just down for the popcorn and snuggle time.

4. They are great snugglers.

5. They never judge you for the nap you are going to take because they are doing it right there with you.

6. Best Road trip partners ever..

                       go ahead, listen to Nsync and Backstreet Boys, Oh you wanna eat at Taco Bell? They can handle it.

7. There is no judgement. Ever.

8. Need to clear your head? They are the perfect walking partners.

                   This doesn’t include Nana, she hates to walk. She hates to run. Along with that cheap dog food.

9. They totally don’t care if you blame them for eating your homework.

10. They love you more than the cat does.

               They may be annoying but at least you don’t question their love.

11. They encourage you to stay home and watch Netflix.

         Hey, it might be because they want more popcorn but its a win, win.

12. They got your back.

                 Even if it is just cows, they are your fearless protector.

13. Need a hobby? Pick up a stick!

The best thinking time is during an intense stick throwing competition between yourself.

14. You never have to wear pants.

                   Unless you are taking them to the vet.

So, as I was 15 minutes late to work because I threw my sheets in the washer and took a shower, these were the things that I thought about.


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