The Beauty of Looking Back

I finally emptied my boxes in my room from college. My room is too small already to have 4 huge boxes clutterin it up, but today I decided enough is enough. I pulled them down, one by one, and began to weed through all the unnecessary things I felt I had to keep. I braced myself for any range or emotions that could come, but one I didn’t expect was an overflowing of love.
I found pictures from high school, notes from people I loved, people I still love, people who have made me become who I am today. Some of them were seasons, long gone from my cluttered up life and all that was left were notes and good memories.

To the girl who left me notes on my birthday and called me Samwise. Thank you for teaching me how to grow up. Thank you for teaching me the art of loitering in Barnes in Noble and how it’s okay to let go.

To the girl who taught me that Jack was meant for Coke and that I do not like whiskey sours. Thank you for Parks and Rec, 30Rock, and Game of Thrones. For the lesson that sometimes first impressions are not lasting and that best friends come in the most unlikely situations. Thank you for Tea Largo and queso and for the chance to become myself.

To the countless people who loved me, fought for me, and taught me how to be myself. My true self. Who brought this southern carbon copy to life- for good and for bad. To the teachers who didn’t fail me and had grace and bigger plans for me than I did. The countless roomies that put up with my hoarding abilities and addiction to terrible music. Thank you.

As I put my boxes away, keeping more than I should, I am struck with the realization that even though I’m not in communication with everyone, that love is still there. That, alone, is a wonderful feeling. So, as I packed everything into just 2 boxes and slid them under my bed, I didn’t cry, my life isn’t over, and that pang I thought I would have is just a slight ache. I’m still that girl, now a little bit older with some bigger dreams.

It’s good to be 24.


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