Happy Friday Friends!!!

Things I love Friday!!!

Why, yes, I have never done this before and I don’t know if I ever will again but I am feeling inspired so here we go!!

1. http://www.summertimesisters.wordpress.com


I am so extremely excited to say I am going to be a part of this amazing community. Just for the summer, we are going to be expanding our horizons and reading things that we wouldn’t normally read. 😀 We are hoping to read some Nonfiction, some classics, pretty much a smorgasbord!! 

2. My wonderful friend is coming down to spend the weekend with me! I am so excited! it has been way too long since I have seen her face!!! So, I love her!

3. Great bakeries!! Especially the Secret Garden Bakery. You can believe I am taking Joanna here.



4. Hello Giggles- I got a very nice rejection letter, which made me so happy. Unique, strong voice was good enough for me. They even encouraged me to send in more stuff for their community. (Don’t you dare burst my bubble)


5. Friends. Because when you are ecstatic that a Web site took the time to email you back when you know they don’t always, they rejoice with you. Thank you wonderful people, the ones who listened to me jump up and down, or got a half crazed text (yes, this is my first rodeo. Don’t judge me).

So these are the things that I love this week. See ya’ll on the flip side next week. 😀



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