What’s your mad skills?



Sometimes at work I read articles.


Facebook articles


Hello Giggles etc…

You name it… I probably spend 75% of  my spare time on them. I have this obsession with lists… 55 Songs to Listen to This Summer, 24 Reasons the Illuminati is Real,19 Cutest Dogs on the Internet. Add the phrases cutest dogs, twenty-somethings, after College, and I feel like I have hit the jack pot. It is my obsessive guilty pleasure that I take great pride in. All of my friends get different articles from me a day being like OMG CUTEST ARTICLE EVER. or.. OMG THIS IS MY LIFE. or LET’S BACKPACK THROUGH SYRIA. After about 20 minutes the initial excitement of the article wears off and I find the 22 books to read this summer list. ( I also live for book lists)

Today I stumbled across an article on ThoughtCatalog about Life and the pursuit of happiness. It got me thinking, maybe we have gone about our life all wrong. The author was a journalist- traveler, had the life that he was supposed to have, The job he thought he wanted, but he was at a cross roads. He could settle down-work the desk job, or he could turn into something he didn’t want. So many times, I feel like I reach that crossroads. I feel like I am there right now! One of my biggest problems is being so indecisive and letting people make the decisions for me. I AM THE WORST. I let Fate, people, life push me into situations and I tell myself that it is because It was supposed to happen. Really, It’s because  I don’t have the guts to decide Yes or No. My biggest weakness is pushing it or them to the side and pretending it isn’t there. At his fork in the road, he didn’t dig a hole or run back the way he came, or even wait for someone to pus him down the path-he decided to take Charge. he began to not define himself by the degree or by his job but by his attributes… the things that he likes doing AND  he is good at. What if we did that?

What if when the next person who asked me about my life- instead of the normal… Oh I am a librarian and at some point throw in that  I was an English major. Thus ensues that I am most likely super great at proof reading and grammar. (This is not true). (Please also, do not go back and judge my past grammatical errors). Or I get, man… you like to read. This is quite true. But what if  I casually said… I am really intuitive and  I can communicate quite well. Or, I can dress casually very effectively and writing comes easy for me. That I have a really uncanny ability to know exactly when the homemade chocolate chip cookies are done and to pick out the best book for the season.  That I love to tell stories and make people laugh. What if we defined our life by the gifts that we had and not the job  that we have.

He goes on to discuss  a 10 minute exercise In which compiles “What if my entire career only lasted a day? What would I want to spend that day doing? Which of my talents would contribute the most to whomever I chose to spend that day with?” Obviously, this takes it a bit farther and a little bit more extensive but initially it is still the same-you decide what makes you happy. Not, oh… English is the only thing I am good at so…. English major over here. Or… I am pretty good at babysitting, teacher for life. There is nothing wrong with these if you love doing it, but why waste your life if you’re miserable? Why would you sacrifice these quirky individualistic qualities that make you the person you are on a job that you aren’t thriving in? So I ask you… What do you do?


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