A Different Kind of Fairytale

There once was a girl.  She believed in spontaneity, late nights, and was anxious to get out of the rut she felt she was in. So, on a whim she took a chance and In two weeks she convinced herself and her family that the only place for her was as far north as she could go- New York City. She packed her car full of Florida clothes, her one eyed pup, and the faith of her 20’s and left for what she imagined to be the dream. On the way there she imagined Manhattan, the Skyline, Broadway plays, and her life as one of the four SATC Girls. Maybe her own Carrie Bradshaw. IMG_0999

She arrived to not Times square but to a small town not entirely like the one she left behind, and to the daunting task of Mom and not Carrie Bradshaw. She turned in her freedom for a leash and a clipboard of names.75 to be exact. Names she couldn’t pronounce and Girls she had never met. House Master became her title and Cinnabon creamer became her vice. Her responsibilities shifted to remembering birthdays, learning impossible names, buying countless supplies of dog food, morning pushes, and check in. Her nights ran to mornings and she learned that when paired right leggings became a girls best friend. She learned how to call a taxi, and maneuver the drag race traffic, and how to effectively play the good cop bad cop.  Hospital runs became the norm and there was always a hot cup of lemon tea with extra sugar that happened to find its way into her hands from her favorite nurse. That was only the first month.


Burn out was inevitable, homesickness untreatable, and Christmas was a million miles away. She had nothing but her dog for comfort and that was proving more a mistake than blessing with the hole in the wall and 6am potty times.IMG_1060

Her life was nothing like she had imagined. A few more weeks went by, and burnout seemed to be farther from the horizon. Girls showed up at her door for Cookie Butter and Hart of Dixie. Turns out no matter what nationality, Southern boys will always be attractive. Names became faces, and those faces wormed themselves into her life. Relationships were formed and turns out, her mama was right. She did inherit that teacher look.

One night after a particularly long day and a bag full of Taco Bell, it dawned on her as she pulled a 15 hour work day just to see one of her babies perform. With blisters on her feet, 5 day old unshaved legs, and no clean underwear- there was no where else she would rather be. Watching one of her kids do something she loved and being able to be apart of it. That was the day she felt she grew up. She realized she would take a spoon full of cookie butter over cocktails, and 2am breakup seshs over the life she thought she wanted. And that is a story all on its own.



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