We Belong To the Night…

Tonight I loaded up in a car renamed “The Humpback Whale”, way past my already bed time, and drove 30 minutes to see a movie filled with Fat Amy, Acca-jokes, the best mash ups in history, and a beautiful man. At the time, I thought I was going to just be spontaneous and have one last hurrah but it’s funny how things speak to you. Pitch Perfect was filled with the laughter, friendship, and the message that friendship doesn’t end when your book does. It is the ending of a chapter and what a beautiful one has it been.

Dear My Partner in Crime,

Thank you for never complaining on having to do study hall, or being the bad cop, or dealing with my crazy schedule. You have taught me so much about Ghana music, Shonda Rhimes, and what it means to be a true partner. We have lead countless Sunday Night Meetings, too many roommate fights to count, and the Haq situation… I’ll let that sit there for just a second. Oh sweet girl, I love you. I love you for continuing to show me what it means to be a graceful woman of the faith. You have been my backbone on our hall and it has been one of the most humbling and most beautiful friendship.

Dear Anne,

Leslie Knope here. I come to you for every hurt. Whether it be the fact that this weird thing is happening to my foot and is this normal? Or the deep hurts. You have bandaided me with wonderful beer, good food, and a listening ear. Who would have thought that working for you and filing for God Awful Edith (forgive me) would mean us becoming work besties. You are the epitome of what a true friend is. Thank you for that. You have held me together. Please also thank PJ for always being Grizz’s stepfather and never complaining when I just show up. I don’t want to think about you guys not being a hop and a skip away from me. Can’t you just move to Florida? I promise you’ll like it! Please can we text every day and pretend  that Bergie and Grizz are still BFF’s? K, thanks.

Yo Ma Whats up (that’s you Dee),

Which is what I think of every time someone says your name.You are the only person I want to go out to eat with and spend the better part talking about our day with. Thank you for making me love Indian, for finding out about this new brunch thing way too late, and for never judging me when I just want to go to Taco Bell. Ain’t no shame in our game. Thank you for Simon and Garfunkel- or is that Garfunkel and Oats, Broad City, and a healthy dose of good ciders. I think this means Cali is calling my name.. Also… We have no pictures????

Dear Lauren Raia,

I remember being so nervous to meet you. I was in awe of how gracious you were. Thank you for seeing something in a insecure, terrified girl and showing her what it is like to lead people effectively. You did that. Thank you for always having dog treats and loving Grizz. You have been a mentor that has shown me how to write effective emails With your MA degree), how to deal with student conflicts with the beautiful mix of efficiency, compassion, discipline, and respect. It has been an honor being under you.

These are the ladies who have shaped me this year. There have been countless more- Emily, sweet girl. How come we are just now becoming BFFS????? My Boss who it took 9 months and some change to let me see her room but it was worth it, Susanne who scares me but there is no one who commands respect and awe, Kaye who is flawless with her outfits and her ability to be an amazing delagator, Heather you have made me laugh so much this past year. Mary my beautiful hippie who challenges me every day to be spontaneous, and finally my beautiful lunch table. Thank you Guidance counselors. You make lunch so much more fun and memorable. It is my favorite hour of the day. ❤


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