Left or Right? Who’s counting….

.I am 26. I work at a rural middle school where you are either married or superwoman- sadly I am niether of these. 7:20 on a good day I arrive, and 4 on a not so good day I roll out. Seeing as my scheduled Netflix and chill, (the old fashioned way as you may probably be able to figure out from this post) dinner, grade, take Grizz for a walk, and 30 minutes of some type of reading and I am out. That runs about 9-9:20. I know, adventurous. For someone who has never kept a schedule in her life, I seem to be set and yet here I am, stuck. So, what do you do when your breaking point and more importantly, you run out of Netflix shows?

Hello Social Media Dating. AKA (Tinder)

(These are my profile pics-Classy, I know)

Part of me mildly blushes as I type this because who wants to tell Social Media that they are not the cool, hipster, spontaneous that  they try so hard to be on Insta. I also rack my brain to think if I even told my mom what a Tinder was because that is going to be totally awkward. Coming home I naively believed my life would go back to normal before I left, that my best friends wouldn’t be half way across the world or that I would find new ones. Sadly, my friend has one eye and at 7:30 he hits the sack because he wakes me up to go pee at 5:30. (Check first picture). Not that my life isn’t great. I work with some crazy  middle schoolers who make me check Urban Dictionary almost everyday to keep up with their lingo, and I have the best view in the whole world with a great family and church but sometimes you just need more. That more is combined with all the older 20 somethings who feel the exact same way but got scared off from the commitment of marriage in Plenty of Fish. (This is not ring by spring, but Margarita Mondays definitely).

2 weeks in and I am immediately regretting my decisions.

1. The weird questions and conversations that I have had with people have made me feel like the cross between a psycho therapist and the wrong number people call on accident.

2. I have walked into the most crass pickup lines that not even my kids could come up with.. (that says something)

3. Catfish is real.

4. People take this Cat person vs. Dog person a little too literal. Like, we don’t have to be one or the other…

5. I say I want Margarita Mondays but let’s be honest. Monday’s are hard. Can’t we just do an indie movie from Netflix and some takeout?

     It’s been awhile, I haven’t wrote in a while and maybe like last time I won’t write for another 6 months. but, maybe I won’t. Maybe I will keep telling the stories of my life, the reality of being 20 something and not the fantasy. Welcome to my not so perfect story.


(P.S. Thank you Adam Lawson for the thumbs up and positivity.)


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