My Date with the President.

I talk a big game. Let’s be honest- any person that knows me knows that I can definitely run my mouth (sometimes into a hole) and though I am up for an adventure, my actions might not always proceed what I type. Enter the actual steps to Tinder.

Step 1: Swipe right for a mildly attractive (not hot because you can’t have someone hotter than you), bearded, normal guy with a job that isn’t working at the Krusty Krab (I gave up Sponge bob when I was 12).

Step 2: MATCH UP (do your happy dance because someone shallowly thought you were just as attractive)

Step 3: Wait for said lumberjack to make some cute witty line to start up conversation...

Step 4: Seal the deal with a casual planned meet up (not so good at this part).

So as the first 3 were pretty easy on my part, I can’t say that I had yet to actually make step 4 happen with someone I was actually interested in. Come on, can’t they be attractive, witty, and smart at the same time with the same amount of compassion and tolerance for social issues that are plaguing our world today? So enter Mr. President (Name changed for privacy purposes and for my own humor) and my first ever Tinder date.



Obviously, I was pretty calm and collected right before the scariest moment of my life. With the help of my best friend, and the thought that Netflix might actually run out of shows for me to watch, I stepped out of the car. Instead of the extremely handsome bearded man I saw a cute nerd with a babyface and OK stir fry. I laughed and realized that this wasn’t as bad as I really thought it would be. It was nice.

I can’t tell you it was the greatest date of my life but it really taught me some valuable lessons that I wouldn’t have had anywhere else. Not everyone looks like their Tinder profile and that’s okay. I mean, let’s be honest, who looks like their Facebook profile? Always have a best friend who backs you up and creates a safe word with you in case said date turns into a creepy serial killer. Thank you Kristen Danielle White for calling when I didn’t text you a few minutes in… My mom was grateful too. To go along with this, do not say the actual words “If you are a serial killer and you do kill me can it be a cool way so I get put on one of those crazy shows on TLC?”

The biggest lesson was the realization was that Tinder dates aren’t actual dates. They are more like pre-dates you go on to keep the line open. Sometimes it doesn’t work out and that voice in your gut that says” yeah no” listen to it. So, as I got into my car insanely giggling about the fact that I did something totally unlike me, it made me realize that it wasn’t as intimidating and I made this encounter to be. And as I write this and realize that I will probably never go on a date with Mr. President again, It was perfect transition that I needed to get back out there. To realize that Netflix has it’s time and place and sometimes that’s not every night of the week and most weekends. And sometimes A little adventure is in the next town over with your very own president. 🙂








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