Whiskey Tango Weekend


The names have been changed to protect the identities…

bLOG 1

This weekend I loaded up with my ____ year old sister, her best friend of over 100 years and also my 8th grade English teacher(Ageless Annie), and Bushwacker Betty’s coworker Brain Gem Bonnie for two nights of beach, shopping, unlimited amounts of wine, and insanity. We did yoga on the beach provided with our very own yoga teacher (Bonnie), We were visited by the town Bachelor Patrick Star, and we were introduced to a game that I can’t even begin to describe. We laughed so hard till our stomachs hurt-dancing around and providing unlimited entertainment for the people around us, and other times we sat and had broken conversations about the realness of life over cupcake wine and a sunset. In all of it I was constantly reminded of how much I owe to my big sister.

She was the first person to teach me how to do this insane mane I have, replacing my brush with a bottle of hairspray and gel. She taught me the beauty of “The Bachelor” and how it doesn’t matter what size you are- always root for the underdogs. She has loved me through my awkward teenage years, and even worse, my soapbox twenties when I lived in her super clean house (I am pretty sure she needed Xanax to have me around).  She is the epitome of superwoman and my family’s biggest advocate. My sister bought me my first Wine Cooler and took me to my first rated R movie. She also listened when my heart was first broken and taught me that Jesus isn’t always packed neatly in a box. Though she may be little, she’s fierce and as fierce as she is, she loves just as hard. And as 3 completely different women came together to celebrate my sisters birthday, I was reminded of that.

Blog 3

From eating at my first ever WHATABURGER (what have I been missing!!) To beignets at the crack of dawn, we ate our way through the panhandle and drank our way home. We shopped like our income tax returns already came in and we definitely slept like the old ladies we were. Her family graciously hosted a couple of non athletes to a bunch of outdoor games that definitely showed off our lack of talents and politely smiled as we lost 0-10. ( I blame the bushwhacker.) We sat on the “Bikini Bottom” back porch and talk about the travesties of work and the paths that brought us there.It was absolutely beautiful. All of it. And as we made our way slowly home I felt filled up. Whole.At the end of our journey hugged it out dropping each one of us home and shedding off our weekend identities and preparing to go back and be the WonderWomen we are: Ageless Annie, Bushwhacker Betty, Brain Gem Bonnie, and Selena Tinder. What a wonderful Whiskey Tango Weekend.


Selena Tinder.

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