Happy Birthday to me.

Every now and then a wild hair strikes and I feel the spontaneous need to write. Sometimes it comes when an immense amount of wine has been consumed and nostalgia hits: Que my 27th birthday and a Gilmore Girls revival. Nostalgia being all the wonderful people who have made it wonderful and Gilmore Girls to remind me that even as you get older and life hands you crazy lemons, Rory and Lorelai Gilmore are also making their own versions of lemonade. So, as I drink my second glass of wine and wait for the second episode of the revival to start, I’ll impart the 27 pieces of musings, advice, and random moments that have filled up my life thus far:

  1.  Do the move.  Whether it is the next town over, another state, or even out of the country- if it calls to you, don’t wait. The best time to find yourself is in the impredictability of somewhere new.
  2. Don’t forget where you came from. In the same sense, don’t forget where you came from and who poured their life into you. Take it from a girl with a southern accent in New York City. Manners and hospitality are ingrained like Monagrams on a southern t-shirt.
  3. Find the wine you like and drink it. Life is too short for Wine you don’t like. Even if it is sparkling grape juice, drinks just taste better out of a wine glass.. or jug.
  4. Read. It does you good, my friends.
  5. Sunscreen is your friend. Kristen Danielle and I did our time in the tanning bed. I fry myself every year around March. This piece of advice I haven’t used as well as  I would have liked but here’s to 27 more years to get to. 😉
  6. Learn to bake one thing. Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. It’s my specialty.
  7. Embrace the gray. Thank you Lori Land for your gray haired gene and for showing me what it’s like to be confident even as a 21 year old with streaks. Also, props to Rogue off Xmen.
  8. Have one outfit you feel like a million bucks. It will be your date outfit, your revenge outfit, your interview outfit, your girls night outfit. It’s your confidence booster and sometimes you just need that extra uummmpphh.
  9. Dogs are work. They are super cute and cuddly but Lord. 3 in the morning puking is not my forte..neither is 6 AM Saturday morning pee runs. Which sometimes turns into a hide and seek game where only one person is having fun and that’s the dog. Nothing is better than a dog. On that other hand, nothing makes me happier than coming home on a long day and cuddling with that huge Bear.
  10. Find Community. Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed. Who root for you and have your back. Find your cheerleaders, your advocates…
  11. Be someone’s cheerleader. Root for people. Be the Giver.
  12. 90’s music will never go out of style.  What up Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Brittney. I have no shame.
  13. Be able to rap at least one song. Macklemore Downtown. Fancy Iggy Azalia. At least one you can jam in the car.
  14. Call your grandmother. She loves you and always will. If not her, than someone who loves you. Don’t let them slip away. Regret’s a bitter taste, my friends.
  15. Learn to pray. If it helps, write it down.
  16. Let them go. It hurts, and it may be a friend or maybe something more, but holding on is only getting the cut infected. Let it heal. It’s time.
  17. Always carry the back up charger!!! Your phone will die and it will suck. Stick one in your purse, it’s worth it.
  18. Sometimes just take the memory. There are times where the moment is too perfect for your phone. Let it engulf you, overwhelm you and inspire you all at the same time. take a mental picture but don’t reach for the phone. That also means put Snapchat, Facebook, and Messages on silent.
  19. Buy a good lipstick. Sephora Lipstain Mauve. 14 bucks. You’re welcome.
  20. Stand up for yourself. Don’t let other people walk on you… it doesn’t help anyone and hurts more people than you think.
  21. Stand up for other people. In turn, stand up. Don’t turn a blind eye.
  22. Keep up with the Lingo. Netflix and Chill is not what it sounds like. Saying that your kids when referencing your dog and season 2 of How To Get Away With Murder is not appropriate.
  23. Learn to say No. Still learning this. NO shame.
  24. Still go on adventures. They keep you young. Forever. Whether it’s a roadtrip with your mom, spontaneous moments with your friends, or just a walk with your dog.
  25. Friends are harder to come by as you get older so cherish the ones still here. Sometimes friends are seasons and that is okay. Life takes over, and sometimes the ties you have slip away. Realize that is okay. But the ones still here, don’t take for granted.
  26. Do fun things with your mom. Go to North Carolina, Learn to make her special recipe, and watch cheesy Christmas movies.
  27. Love yourself. Sweet friend, you can be your biggest supporter or worst critic. Don’t be the latter. Find your strengths and excel and celebrate them. Go easy on your flaws. No one else sees them… unless it’s gray hair and your 7th graders might point it out every day. :/

So, bring on the 27th year… Closer to Jennifer Gardner’s 30, Flirty, and Thriving. Bring on the lessons, the stories, the hopes of writing more, and most of all the adventures. It’s my golden year. Day 1.


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