Bring it on 2017. <3

   Sometimes inspiration strikes when we least expect it. I’ve planned to write a blog on the inspirational word choice to describe my 2017 for the past 2 weeks. A week ago, I started looking for the word to describe my year. Last year, it was relentless and ehhh… :/ If we are being honest 2016 was pretty relentless but not in the cool hipster way I imagined:  we said goodbye to Purple Rain, Princess Leia, and  Snape, I got into my first adult wreck, I barely survived my first year of teaching, and I have yet to turn in my sub folder (Supposed to be done in August).And based off the way Facebook has reacted to 2016, I don’t think I am alone. A man legit started a GOFUNDME to save Betty White.

Yet here I am, hours before the New Year with no new word, but an idea. Instead of a word to describe my year or resolutions that I most likely will dump in all of 15 days, I reached out to the women in my life who have shaped some part of me. I asked them 1 thing they wanted to accomplish this year.

  1. Get a puppy.
  2. Journal every day about my favorite part of the day.
  3. Grow in my career.
  4. Get married.
  5. Get another tattoo.
  6. BE strong.
  7. Make a trip to see old friends.
  8. Read 3 Nicholas Sparks Books.
  9. Travel to Paris.
  10. Pray More.
  11. Get Healthy.
  12. Visit home more often.
  13. Get in the best shape of my life.
  14. Give myself more grace.
  15. BE content.
  16. Declutter every drawer and cabinet in my house.
  17. Learn to decorate a Cake.
  18. BE more social.
  19. Take little trips and adventures.
  20. Go to church more.
  21. Give more to a Charity or go on a missions trip.
  22. Find a good local friend.
  23. Pay off all credit card debt.
  24. learn an instrument.
  25. Be supportive and not jealous of other females.
  26. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  27. Accomplish a romantic and stable relationship.
  29. Give myself the space, grace,and freedom to Grieve.
  30. Learn healthy coping mechanisms.
  31. Sky Dive.
  32. Shoot a gun well enough to go Deer Hunting.
  33. Live one Grand adventure.
  34. Adopt a child.
  35. Lose 20 lbs.
  36. Go to the smokies.
  37. Buy a cheap ticket to a foreign country.
  38. Take Surfing lessons.
  39. Roller skate.
  40. Travel to India.
  41. Go skiing.
  42. Use my artistic talents more.
  43. Have a baby.
  44. Publish another book.
  45. Travel to Santorini and jump off a cliff into the water.
  46.  Get out of my comfort Zone.
  47. Take an educational bus tour through the U.S.
  48. I want to be Healthier and Less stressed.
  49. Do something good in the world of 2017.
  50. Read my bible and pray more consistently daily.
  51. No Operations.
  52. Make it through Nursing School .
  53. Perform at least one act of kindness daily.
  54. I want to not base my self worth on what a guy thinks of me and learn to live peacefully single until the right one comes along.
  55. my card not to be declined for a purchase under 10 dollars.
  56. Lose 50 lbs.
  57. To be Happy and Healthy.
  58. Become more established in my faith and faith journaling.
  59. Leave an impact on others.
  60. BE financially stable.
  61. Live my life on a mission.
  62. Be better at showing my Jesus.
  63. Closer walk with God.
  64. Enjoy the little moments with my children before they grow up and are gone.
  65. Make new memories.
  66. Spend less time being Martha and more time being Mary.
  67. See the Northern Lights.
  68. Create a habit that is real.
  69. Help Hannah get her licence.
  70. Go on an adventure.

From the wonderful texts, Snapchats, Facebook comments, etc.. they shared their hearts with me. Big or small, older or young,  it didn’t matter and in the end there was a correlation. We all want Adventure, to be healthy, and to make a difference in the world. We all have aspirations for the coming year and dreams whether we are 15 or 67.Most of all, we have hope.  So, with everyone else’s intimate and brave comments here are my 4 things to add.

  1. BE organized. We all know I am the least organized person on the planet…
  2. Write.  I want to write more, create more, and do more things that make me happy.
  3. Go on adventures. Maybe some of these…
  4. Create community. Whether it is at the gym, or going to India, I want to create and sustain meaningful relationships.

Because when it comes down to it, it’s not some magic day that restarts our life.  But it is a moment to stop and recollect. We might not be Cinderella but we do have the choice to to change things as the clock strikes 12. So, my friends, realize you are not alone, we are in this together whether you have a cool word to describe your year or not. 😉



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