Not All Who Wander Are Lost….Or Some Quote Like That. <3


Last spring break I spent 80 degree weather at the beach with my best friend- shopping for the cutest bathing suit, giggling hysterically, and enjoying Florida sun. This spring break, I planned a repeat, with a little more naps,a little less sunburn, and maybe a visit to the most magical place on earth. Que Disney, Fireworks, missed buses, Chick Fila , 50 degree weather, 800 blisters from a pair of converses, and the adventures that made going back to work today, 1 million times worth it.  It’s funny how strict we plan our vacation times. How on the surface, we throw caution to the wind, saying we are going with the flow, we are living without a plan.. and yet once that perfect view of flippancy goes array, our world crumbles. Especially for teachers.  Yet sometimes, those moments… that is when the real stories happen.

Wednesday Afternoon:


4 PM bags packed (for the 3rd time), dishes washed, clothes slightly folded, Grizz at my parents, and clothes changed twice for my first ever adult vacation. I say adult because let’s be real… my idea of Vacation is Kristen White’s house with Chick Fila for breakfast. I also can’t remember the last time I booked a hotel that my mama didn’t accompany me to. #noshame.

6PM throwing bags into Katie Quincey’s car, (Homegirl finally made it) checking twice to make sure my candles are all blown out, running back in a third time because I have to pee, and realizing that I definitely do not have my life together for adulthood because my toothbrush might or might not be in my suitcase. Thus started the make or break of our 6 month friendship. #Disneyworld2017

It takes a special person to go on Vacation with.. Now throw in Freezing weather, my addiction to Target, and my obsession with the perfect outfit to wear to Disney which meant the most uncomfortable converses in the world and you can only imagine how poor Quincey must have felt. So, by the time we actually made it to the hotel, after I begged to stop at Target and then I was hungry… we were both ready to hit the sack. Out flew the idea of stopping by Magic Kingdom to see Fireworks or hitting the heated pool, and in flew the idea of bed by 11.


Thursday held the promise of Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and ending it with the midnight premiere of Beauty and the Beast. It ended with 11 PM struggles of broken down Monorails, barefoot feet because my converses slowly ate them, and a magical day. We toured Germany, ate more than you can imagine, we flew over the world, and I got up close and personal with a killer whale on the ride Soarin. We missed our bus, couldn’t get tickets, and yet, looking back, it was such an amazing day.  I laughed til my stomach hurt, ate lunch with the most interesting old couple, I rode Thunder mountain twice, and got the best seats for the firework show in front of the castle. I chased a bus down barefoot and enjoyed every moment of it.  We made it home by the skin of our teeth and the grace of an old bus driver who felt sorry for two left behind girls.

spring break 2

By Friday, we had the hang of Fast passes, realized that maybe it would be safer if we drove, and actually slept in a bit. My feet still hurt but it was warmer and there was a promise of some type of tan. We spent the morning at Magic Kingdom where we ran into one of my favorite Alaskain’s in the world. I also came to the conclusion that I will never look cute in any of the pictures on the roller coasters because the Lord did not intend for me to be adorable when being terrified of going down 50 foot plunges. By the end of the night, we saw the most amazing Star Wars fireworks and rode almost every ride you can imagine… (Except Tower of Terror). It was once again, not part of the plan but worth the extra time spent at Hollywood Studios. By the time we climbed into the car to drive home it was way past these young grandmother’s bedtimes and so we did what anyone would do… we played a 90’s and disney playlist and sang all the way home.


It was nothing like I planned. But looking back today, when my classes were crazy and every single kid was the epitome of procrastination- it was worth it.  The laughter, the lines, the bruises on Quincey’s leg from my death grip, and my frost bite at night. I gained adventures, an appreciation for German Food, and most of all… a good friend. Someone who put up with me through complaining about my feet, my fear of whales and roller coasters, and my slow and steady walk. So my friends, ditch the plans sometimes. Let them crumble and see what comes out in the end. Because the best adventures aren’t planned… they just happen. ❤

spring break 2017






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