In honor of my Myspace top 8.

Sam Land

Take the internet back 10 years where the best way to make a playlist was burning CD’s on Limewire, constantly quoting Napoleon Dynamite, choosing sides between Heidi and Lauren, and ultimately making the most important decision: your top 8 on Myspace. Friendships have ended for far less and the best way to make sure you and your bestie were on the same page was where you were located. Today, instead of Myspace quizzes and cool profiles, we have Snapchat filters, Instagram stories, and National Best Friend Day.  So in Lieu of this day, I’m taking it back to Myspace, in no particular order, and Shouting out my besties….

My number 1. The one who gets to hold the record for longest friend, who got chicken pox in 4th grade and couldn’t come to my birthday party and then in 12th grade climbed the fire tower with me.  The one who lets me cry on her floor while she does my hair and who I can have a whole conversation with one look. Thank you for always being my vacation spot… and for always being my professional photographer.

2. Thank you for taking me in during the worst day of my life in college. You gave me a bed, bought me Starbucks, and planned my future. You always had a cup of coffee waiting on me, the best playlist, and a million to-do-lists. You taught me how to dream, Grey. You are the first one I want to share my ideas with, and the only one I want to listen to Gangster rap/Keisha with.

3. They say cousins make the best friends, they aren’t wrong. I look up to you more than you know. You were the first to leave our small town and take on the world. You did it. With grace, and beauty, and strength.  Thank you for always keeping us updated with good gossip, dog tips, and letting me vent. You call me out when you need to and you have always been entirely you. Laughter and all.

4. Sweet girl, you are on your way to my house  before I even ask. Usually with a bottle of wine and great snacks. I am so ready to see you do great things. You have so many of us who 100 percent believe in you. Who will I give my clothes to and call to binge-watch shows? Thanks for loving all the random people I bring to the table.

5. I will always be grateful that I asked you to coffee that day. Thank you for practically letting me live at your house, leave all my shoes, and never turning down Taco Bell. You have made me copies, gotten me countless coffee and creamer, showed up just when I needed you, and you’ve become my Disney partner. Why didn’t we think that idea through? You’re stuck with me.Sorry not Sorry. Here’s to speaking at Cameron’s retirement and forever grabbing Dunkin together.

6. Baby girl. Here’s to being tan this summer. Here’s to making me feel like I’m 5 years younger and always being there for a story. Thank you for immediately becoming my ride or die and always stealing my cord to play the best music.  What will I do when you leave us? I promise no more road trips without you unless we are headed to you 😉

7. We don’t talk everyday. But I always have your back. Thank you for never being mad at me for not always calling back. I love you. I always will. Ever since you broke your knee on my trampoline 100 million years ago 😉

8.  I can’t wait to meet baby Gideon.  We have been through everything together, and I can’t wait to see how amazing you are at your new endevour… being a mom.

9. Because  I can, I love you redhead.  You always show up and never hate me when we go months without talking. Thanks for being the ultimate roomie…

Special shout outs to ladies and gentlemen who would have never been caught dead with Myspace!!!

  • You took a scared, young teacher who didn’t have any friends and introduced her to the best things of Live Oak. You let me cry about the littlest monstrosities and in love taught me that anyone can stand on their head for a short amount of time. You don’t know how many people I have passed those words to
  • I love you mom. Thank you for still buying my dinners and answering the phone call every day. Thank you for always telling me I’m beautiful.
  • you were too young for Myspace and probably way too cool. Love you more than I have ever loved anyone before.


So, instead of Facebook posts, I wrote. Because in the past few months I have been so blessed to have women who are there for each other. Each and every day. Happy National Best Friend Day. 





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